Double Shot 615

Max is a professional concert photographer/ cinematographer in Nashville, TN.  As a Tennessee transplant, he started his passion for camera work in Chattanooga capturing local skateboarding.  Music has always been a go to for him as way to relax and socialize.  After living in Nashville for 3 short years, Max felt like local talent wasn't getting the amount of attention it deserves.  He strives to bring local as well as passer by bands into focus for all to see. 

NegativePublicity is a sister production company that Max is involved in.

About NegativePublicity:

 We love live music. We thrive on supporting local artists and friends in as many ways as possible.
Jesse Wells handles networking, booking, promoting, hand shakes and hugs when appropriate. 
After recognizing Max Oates’ (Doubleshot615) ability to capture artists at their finest during live performances, they decided to collaborate. With the addition of Joe Pasca and his social media sense we became NegativePublicity. 

NegativePublicity offers multimedia (photography, video, posters) packaging for booking, event promotion and press.